• 21.09. - Vítání podzimu
  • 26.09. - Projektový den
  • 28.09. - Sv. Václav - státní svátek, den české státnosti
  • 15.10. - Provozní porada
  • 26.10. - Ředitelské volno (na 1. st.) - vzdělávání pedagogů



September 2018
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14. šKRPÁL

Dear parents, pupils, supporters of Primary school Špičák, admirers of the beauty of Česka Lípa District, weighing tourists, “dough” and others. We cordially invite you to the 14th year of the march of the ŠKRPÁL. It will take place on Saturday, May 12, 2018. → Číst celý příspěvek

What do nine-graders make in our workshops

For several years, to mutual satisfaction, our school has been cooperating with Česká Lípa City Forests. What is it? Ing. Petr Kreisinger, the company’s CEO, invites us . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Semi-finals of the Mia Festival

The beginning of May was really busy for Quatrefoil´s dancers. After the individual Dancing Line Competition they took part in the Mia Festival in Mladá Boleslav where dancers compete for the European finals at the end of May in Lucerna, Prague. → Číst celý příspěvek

Spicak came alive with dancing again

Wednesday, May 2nd was the first day of the first year of the dance competition the Line Dance Open 2018, which was actively attended by the girls from our dance group Quatrefoil. → Číst celý příspěvek

ERASMUS + / expedition to Catania

08/04/2018 – Sunday

Early in the morning, the teacher Havlasek and his pupil Martin Šulc went on an adventure expedition, as part of the Erasmus + project . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Event in the after-school club

The governesses and their children from the after-school club were inspired by the folk custom – the magical Filip and Jacob´s night. In the afternoon, on the 26th of April, they organized a meeting with children´s parents in the playground. → Číst celý příspěvek

Špičák in London

Last week students of junior high school went school’s excursion to England, or London and South England. After arriving in London, they waited for a 9-hour march . . . → Číst celý příspěvek