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August 2018
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Sports Days of Elementary School Junior High School

On June 26 and 27, traditionally at the end of the school year, the sports days of the primary school were held.

The peak of the sporting effort, where all the pupils of one year and athletic disciplines, such as: the 60’s; 600; 800; 1,000 and 1,500 meters, long jump, high jump, ball and relay.

This year was exceptional because the winning year was awarded a unique traveling cup that will be displayed in a winning class showcase all the next school year, where all passers-by pupils from other classes will just pass the silent envy and wish that once they could also win this cup.

As expected from the sports days, pupils did not give anything at all, but in fair-play they cheered, encouraged and wished to others their unique performances, which once again transcribed some of the historical athletic records of ZŠ ŠPIČÁK.

Total Sports Days:

6th grade

1. 6th A – 9 499 points

2. 6th C – 7 647 points

3. 6th B – 7 066 points

7th year

1. 7th A – 10 966 pts

2. 7th C – 8,921 points

3. 7th B – 8 788 points

8th grade

1. 8th C – 14 395 points

2. 8th B – 13 403 points

3. 8th A – 13 061 points

9th grade

1. 9th C – 16 206 points

2. 9th B – 14,442 points

3. 9th A – 13 006 points

All children have enjoyed sports days and we are looking forward to another year, but we must first take a lesson on physical education lessons.

Sporting well-being and aerobic and anaerobic movement in particular, Havlásek and Zelinková – TV teachers for junior high school.

J. Havlásek, June 28, 2018