• 16.12. - Třetí neděle adventní
  • 23.12. - Čtvrtá neděle adventní
  • 24.12. - Štědrý den
  • 25.12. - Boží hod vánoční (1. svátek vánoční)
  • 26.12. - sv. Štěpán (2. svátek vánoční)



December 2018
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District competition in the Czech language

This year’s event was held abnormally early on January 29. There were 31 school competition winners in the grammar school building in Česká Lípa. Our school was represented by Petra Poláková from 9th B and Karolina Míšková from 8th C, who were prepared for the competition fairly. They first demonstrated their knowledge in seven grammar assignments. Most preferred were stylistic ones, in which pupils had errors not only to correct but also to explain. There were also tasks to verify the knowledge of the literal pronunciation, and the determination of the terminals, patterns and nouns of nouns. It was also required to create basic vocabulary forms of different vocabulary, but there was a lack of material from the composition. The second hour was traditionally reserved for the style. The contestants had to prepare the subject in the form of a given topic: “I miss one subject in the school schedule, and that …” In their stylistic work, the district’s solvers had to justify their choice and write what should be the content of the chosen subject. Both our pupils did a great job. In the grammar section, Petra was even on the silver post with 16 points and Karolina had only five less. However, the role of our girls was lacking imaginative processing, but this was the problem of most of the work. It should be added, however, that there were almost no grammatical errors in the contestants’ texts; the punctuation of the inserted secondary sentences remained a problem.

And now to the location of our girls Petra eventually topped 5th and Carolina 13th place (with only one point behind the grammar school). Both are a big thank you for representing our school.

D. Bílá, 31. 1. 2018