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February 2019
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Goalball for David, inclusion at our junior high school works

On December 14th, our school /ŠPIČÁK / took part in a sports grant of the regional city of Liberec, a non-traditional tournament for a visually impaired pupil attending elementary school.

David Pompa has been diagnosed with birth defects as a result of practical blindness – complete blindness. Despite this disease, however, David is a full member of the elementary school where, especially in physical education, he performs respectable performances that are often better than his innocent classmates.

How he would wisely say, “I wiped them off.”

When David learned that he was planning a tournament in a sports game that is purely designed for visually impaired pupils, he was completely impressed with himself – he is a member of the Goalball selection for the Liberec Region.

What is Goalball?

It is a collective ball sport run especially by the blind and visually impaired athletes, which was devised as a means of rehabilitation of soldiers blinded by the Second World War. To play: Two teams of three teams play against each other and the goal of the game is to convey the ball behind the finish line – but you do not see anything at all – which means that all the players and those who do not see each other (due to the light box) have eye-flaps.

For a better idea, please release the following video from the London 2012 Paralympic Games:


Now some words about the tournament itself

It took place at ŠPIČÁK ZŠ, because the hall has enough space. The rules were slightly modified because the tournament was prepared for the 9th grade pupils who spent with 4 years at the primary school with David and thus 3 to 3 played 4 to 4.

Five teams of eight players were built, each game lasting 9 minutes, so it was enough to ensure that all players played properly. Lastly, the court had to be upgraded – only the tape was enough to set the game surface, because the most important orientation sense was the touch and the second one in the order of hearing, since the ball with which the ball was thrown has rollerblades installed.

The passion of this tournament was that children soon became able to feel David’s role, and mostly after one game, they learned to make a great use of the touch for orientation in space. Thanks to the rapid acquisition of key skills, wonderful and long exchanges were seen. The disciples were totally in trance and quiet. Without this, the players could not hear the ball rolling. However, when the goal was scored, it was a great joy in both the audience and the players themselves.

After the end of the game part, the ceremony was announced, where David was declared the main star of the tournament and was awarded the best player. Eventually followed by the announcement of the overall placement where David’s team was placed “only” in the third place – the goals of David were the highest.

The evaluation of the tournament with David’s words: “Absolutely wonderful and amazing, I am extremely happy to be able to attend. Goalball I enjoy and finally children know what it’s like to see. I think we all enjoyed it. “

J. Havlásek, foto: A. Zelinková, 18. 12. 2017