• 16.12. - Třetí neděle adventní
  • 23.12. - Čtvrtá neděle adventní
  • 24.12. - Štědrý den
  • 25.12. - Boží hod vánoční (1. svátek vánoční)
  • 26.12. - sv. Štěpán (2. svátek vánoční)



December 2018
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Joining to an international project ERASMUS +: EUROTOUR: ENGAGE, EXPLORATION, EVOLVE

Our elementary school is involved in a long-term international project which, with its distinctive title, is to bring children to other European countries (Eurotour) where they should discover (explore) local customs, engage in local culture and, last but not least, not only their language skills.

Project duration is over three years / 01 September 2017 – 31 August 2020 /, when our pupils will create an Erasmus+ team that will work with other schools across Europe.

Affiliated schools in the project:

- Standskolen, Greve, Denmark

- Inonu Ilkokulu, Mersin, Turkey

- Collège Berthelot, Le Mans, France

- Instituto Comprensivo San Giovanni Bosco, Catania, Italy

- Szent Imre Katolikus Általános Iskola és Jó Pásztor Óvoda, Eger, Hungary

Pupils will also develop cross-curricular relationships such as English, Geography, History, The world of work, Financial literacy and Information technology during the project as they will gradually visit some of the above-mentioned countries.

In the end, the experience gained will be used to achieve the objectives of the project: the creation of a GUIDE TO THE CZECH REPUBLIC in the form of a photo book, which asks pupils to discover all the beauties of Česká Lípa and its surroundings, which are designed to attract more tourists to our city and to get acquainted with pupils from the project.

Selected pupils in the school year 2017/2018 are 7th grade English students with good learning outcomes. There were selected 24 students. Our first meeting was last week to discuss about their job in upcoming weeks.

In the near term (September – October 2017) a school bulletin will be created, where basic information will be posted with the nearest planned events, and a blog will be created in which the general public will be presented with all important information related to the project (videos, pictures, presentations, ). Children visit the tourist centre to find basic information about its functioning and create PowerPoint presentations about our elementary school and our city. Within the Erasmus+ Club, we will select the best ones to represent Czech Republic at the upcoming meeting. Furthermore, in October 2017, a meeting of all Project Coordinators will be held in Mersin, Turkey, where each of them will detail the individual steps of the project.

After this meeting, we will bring you further interesting information about the project.

Teachers involved in the project:

Mgr. Iveta Truhlářová – Project Coordinator and Work with Children

Mgr. Alena Zelinková – work with children

Ing. Aleš Flusek – work with children

Jan Havlásek – Technical Assurance, Informatics and Work with Children

J. Havlásek, 24. 9. 2017