• 16.12. - Třetí neděle adventní
  • 23.12. - Čtvrtá neděle adventní
  • 24.12. - Štědrý den
  • 25.12. - Boží hod vánoční (1. svátek vánoční)
  • 26.12. - sv. Štěpán (2. svátek vánoční)



December 2018
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Expedition TUMAM or a prehistoric journey to a Neanderthal man

The pupils of the 3rd classes with their class teacher and assistant Iva Paskova enjoyed the Indian summer in the beatiful region of the Moravian Karst. We were staying above the town Blansko at a hotel with the distinctive name the Lookout. From here we did educational trips.

At first, we saw the Vestonicka Venus in the Archeopark at the foot of the Pavlovske Hills. In this special building from 2016, we explored archaeological finds from the local excavations including the world-famous statuette. There was a programme for us called the Shaman’s puppet. During the programme children had an opportunity to enter the life of the prehistoric times in a funny way. Here we also got our first very nice tourist stamp in our diaries.

The second expedition led us to the Moravian Museum in Brno. The life of Neanderthals with a very informative programme and an interesting commemorated exhibition was provided by the staff of the Anthropos pavilion. We had an opportunity to hold a real fist wedge, to weigh a mammoth thigh bone, and in the end to see a model of a life-size mammoth! Our diaries were full of stamps and experiences. Then we enjoyed our free time on dinosaur climbing frames.

Thursday morning we could not hardly wait to visit the Punkva Caves which were accompanied by a boat ride in the underground part of the Punkva River. The mood was good in spite of the fact that the bus did not come and only an hour left for the beginning of the tour! Fortunately, we were able to get a spare bus with the help of willing people! Then we reached Skalní Mlyn in time and from there we could continue to the caves. In the caves we admired the stalactite decoration very much and the bottom of Macoch’s abyss was amazing. The excellent acoustics of the karst dome gave us an unforgettable experience while listening to Ave Maria …

After buying some necessary souvenirs, we took the cable car to the upper bridge and then walked down to the lower bridge. That day we gained most tourist stamps.

Another special feature of our expedition was the use of almost all means of transport: express trains, an EC train, buses, a trolleybus, a tram, a boat and a cable car!

Thanks a lot to all people who enabled our prehistoric wandering and goodbye with a shamanic greeting ´ HU-HU-HA´!

M. Dytrychova, 23rd September, 2017