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August 2018
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Sport games junior high school Špičák

On 27th – 28th 2017 traditional sports games of the second grade of primary school took place.

On Tuesday, the 6th and 7th grade athletes competed

• 60m,

• 600 / 1000m,

•long jump,

• high jump,

• Relay run.

The weather smiled at us as the sun shone bright, so we saw how the desire for the best performances, the victory and especially the joy of the upcoming sport they reflected in their eyes.

This year, a new scoring has been made to allow most pupils in the class to score points for their own

performances that meant greater competition in individual disciplines. Which in the end also in the final order, because neither in the 6th nor 7th class won a paper favourite.

Final order in 6th grade:

1. 6. A

2. 6. C

3. 6. B

Final ranking in 7th grade:

1. 7. C

2. 7. A

3. 7. B

The second competition day was for the 8th and 9th year, where especially the nineteenths were prestigious and gaining of the last degree at the elementary school.

The weather was again pleasant, though slightly cloudy, but still beautiful 27 ° C. They were impressive to see.

Of note is still our blind pupil, David Pompa, who does not sit in the corner just like “Baby”, but

He actively participates in sports days and his new personal record of 60m 8.20 can envy him

A few intact classmates! (Other disciplines in which he competed: long jump and ball throw)

At the 8th year the queen of sport has been traditionally from the 6th grade: 8. C, who did not give her a chance again in the 9th year, everything was different, as the difference between the winner and the loser was the final sum

Only 96 points – which speaks of clearly balanced performances, but can win only one …

Final ranking in 8th grade:

1. 8. C

2. 8. B

3. 8. A

Final Rank in Year 9:

1. 9. B

2. 9. A

We thank all participants for their amazing atmosphere, respectful performances and fair-play adherence.

We would also like to thank colleagues who have taken on the role of referees and moderators.

Teachers J. Havlásek and A. Zelinková