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July 2018
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Kutná Hora – the silver town

On Friday, May 19th, pupils 7 B and 7 C went out on a history trip to Kutna Hora.

The aim was to get to know this ancient city a bit more than in the lessons of history.

The history of Kutna Hora has been dating from the middle Ages mining and processing of silver. Thanks to her, the Czech lands belonged to the richest in Central Europe, thanks to which were also built the most important buildings in the city.

Our excursion introduced some of them to the pupils.

We started in Sedlec to visit the Constance where architect Santini created a unique decoration from the bones that died during the epidemics and wars.

Then we headed to the Wallachian court, in which the Czech King Wenceslas II. He founded the mint and let the grosz in Prague.

After a short break in the beautiful Kutná Hora square, we passed through the inner city, stopped at the Rejsk Gothic Fountain, passed through Barborská Street, lined by sculptures, along the Central Bohemian Gallery and found ourselves at the top of the Gothic building, St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

After his tour, we were waiting for the most interesting part of our excursion, the Czech Museum of Silver – Hrádek and a tour of the former silver mine. We put on white robes, put our helmets on the head, and the guide handed us through the underground tunnels and explained how the silver ore was mined and processed.

Thanks to inquisitive and attentive pupils and beautiful sunny weather, the excursion was successful.

Mrs. Ilona Svobodová, thank you for helping and accompanying of 7 B.

By Monday, May 29, 2017, there is a competition for the most beautiful photo of Kutná Hora.

Mgr. P. Svobodová, 24. 5. 2017