• 27.01. - Pedagogická rada
  • 30.01. - Ukončení prvního pololetí - předávání vysvědčení
  • 31.01. - Pololetní prázdniny
  • 2.02. - Hromnice
  • 10.02. - Provozní porada



April 2019
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Second graders in Brniště

Pupils of the second classes have visited Ecocentre in Brno twice this year. The organizers prepared a very nice, colourful and entertaining programme for us.

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Also this year at our school took place Pythagoriáda school competition for 6th – 8th years. The competitors tried to solve 15 mathematical tasks within 60 minutes. . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

(Česky) Zápis 2019

Trip to Zákupy

Spring holidays are coming, and so our youngest children from the preparatory classes made a trip to Zákupy on Tuesday, April 9th. Our goal was a carnival . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Football championship at Špičák school

Another of the regular tournaments, which took place at the Primary School Špičák, opposed the boys’ teams in a smaller version of winter football – futsal.There were 5 teams who wanted to score as many goals as possible for their opponents, which was also successful: 33 goals were scored in the tournament.

The system of the game was very simple, everyone clashed against each other and the best one had to win!

This was finally confirmed.

Final ranking of teams

1. Futsal 9th C with 6th B (9 points)

Bodi Martin, Kucr, Urban, Ujhelsky, Stekl

2. FC MOST (7 points)

Vít, Šulc, Bodi Roman, Lukáš

3. FC Kamios (5 points)

Zaruba, Maly, Tichy, Polak J. Miroslav

4. Bombeři (4 points)

Barvir, Pitko, Jantac, Samek, Hrobsky

5. Girls (3 points)

Lacina, Pulo, Kunes, Polak Jan, Pittner

Tournament curiosities:

• The only win of the team was the grand prix, after defeating the winning Futsal 9th C with the 6th B

• The name Bombeři offers that it is a first-class shooter … the opposite is true because it was the team that gave the least goals (3) and received the most (10)

We would like to thank all the participants for their performances and we are looking forward to our next sporting moments.

Sport well and “stabs” separately

J. Havlásek, photo A. Zelinková, April 11, 2019

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