• 23.12. - Čtvrtá neděle adventní
  • 24.12. - Štědrý den
  • 25.12. - Boží hod vánoční (1. svátek vánoční)
  • 26.12. - sv. Štěpán (2. svátek vánoční)
  • 31.12. - Silvestr



February 2018
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On 23 February, teachers from the preparatory and first classes prepared for their pupils untraditional lessons. The classes discussed the carnival and its origins. Pupils performed tasks separately and . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

1st grade recitation competition

The first-degree recitation competition is traditionally held every year at the end of February. This year, we were surprised by the flu, and by the deadline of 21 February, . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Chemical Olympiad in 9th grade

Her tuition round took place at our school from December to February. Pupils have completed a home study program, a tuition test and a laboratory exercise. It is already . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Biological School Competition

On Wednesday, February 14, the school round of biological Olympiads was held, attended by class representatives who were successful in class classes.

In category D (6-7 grades), Tereza Hendrychova (7th C) won a close lead over Carole Heller (7th C). The third place was occupied by Hana Míšková (7th B). Pleasant is that Anna Hošková from (6th A), who gained the same number of points as Hana Míšková, did not lose in the strong competition of older classmates, so we have awarded third places two.

All these pupils will represent the school in the Biological Olympics district round. In category C (8th – 9th years), Henrieta Schlesingerová and Karolina Míšková follow us, who also represented us in the ecological Olympics this year.

The award belongs to all participants of the school round who have prepared it. In particular, we have to commend Adam Sakman (6th B), who finished fourth, and only 3 points to the third place.

Everybody advancing now has a lot of preparation and work, because the biological Olympics are very challenging and the competition is big in the district round.

A. Flusek, 19 February 2018

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Dear Parent, the ERASMUS + organizing team cordially invites you to a joint session to present the ongoing project in which your children are working. → Číst celý příspěvek

Club of entertaining logic and board games

Since October of this school year, our school has run free time activity for students of first grade funded from the EU project. Its goal is to develop logical . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

School English Competition

In the first week after the Christmas holidays, the class round of the competition was held in English. Class I, sixth and seventh years, measured their knowledge . . . → Číst celý příspěvek