• 17.12. - Třetí adventní neděle
  • 18.12. - Provozní porada
  • 24.12. - Čtvrtá adventní neděle
  • 24.12. - Štědrý den
  • 25.12. - Boží hod vánoční



December 2017
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Sale of charitable items for the Life to Children collection at our school

It is a collection of money to improve the conditions of seriously ill children, so called Heart Days. Our school has been selecting and contributing to this period for several years. This year, pens, magnet with animals, bracelets, reflective hearts were sold, as traditionally. → Číst celý příspěvek

Computer beaver

It is a nationwide IT competition, supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Pupils, divided into several age categories, have the task of finding . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Rose to the 99th anniversary of Czechoslovakia

In the year when we celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, class 7 C has been planted in the garden with two . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Erasmen were recording their own medallions

Last week, a lot of work was done. We began working on the logo of our project. The class competition for the most beautiful logo will take place in . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Halloween in the first classes

On Tuesday 31st October we celebrated Halloween in the first classes. The children came in very nice and imaginative costumes, as well as the teacher. For children, . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Picking of chestnuts in 1st classes

The last day of October was the end of the picking event of chestnut trees. The event was very successful. The pupils picked a total of 250kg . . . → Číst celý příspěvek

Halloween at our school

November 1 was Halloween day – a feast of ghosts and ghosts. Even though this feast is not typically Czech, it has certainly grown in recent years . . . → Číst celý příspěvek